Design Notes

The following collection of documents is a bit of a miscellany. All of the information here properly ought to be included in the various design documentation as that is written, but it this information is important enough to be worth making available in its initial, fragmentary form.

Designs rarely survive contact with the hardware, and in some cases we haven't gone back to rewrite the design note. Still, these notes provide a useful snapshot of our thinking at various points in the design.

EROS Kernel Design Notes

Autoconfiguration in the EROS KernelKernel Virtual Memory
Disk Formatting and LayoutKey Dependency Management
Domain LayoutLoading the Context Structure
EtherLink IIINotes on the Checkpoint Log Design
Teaching Your TTYs SubmissionNotes on Keeper Design
IPC Interface -- The Next GenerationSmall Spaces for the x86 Family
POSIX Compatibility EnvironmentSpace Bank Issues
i386 Boot ProcessCapability Pages
Revised^2 IPC DesignThe Capability Invocation Path
Kernel StacksUser Mode Drivers
Changes in EROS Version 2.0Kernel Output Design
IA-32 EmulationReviewing Where We StandNEW:

Computer Science Technical Reports

Consistency Management in the EROS Kernel (postscript for now)

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