EROS Object Reference Manual

Research Edition, Release 0.1


This document provides a reference description of all of the objects supplied with Release 0.1 of Research Edition EROS.

Please note that this document is very much a work in progress. At this stage, it can be viewed as approximately indicative, but it is decidedly not stable. Descriptions for many objects have not yet been written. Descriptions for those objects that are present are subject to change or removal.

We are putting this document on the Web in spite of its preliminary state for several reasons. A number of people have wanted to get a sense of what the EROS system provides. Our working group needs the document, and the Web provides a convenient way to make it available. Writing the document helps ensure that the implementation is solid. Our usual practice is to write the appropriate chunk of the reference document before implementing the object itself.


Copyright 1998 by Jonathan Shapiro. All rights reserved. For terms of redistribution, see the GNU General Public License