EROS Frequently Asked Questions

Certain questions about EROS seem to come up again and again. Rather than wear out my fingers answering them individually, I'm trying to assemble a list of these questions and their answers. Your help and suggestions are very welcome. If there is a question you would like to see answered, or if there is an answer you would like to see added, please send a note to list.


  1. What is EROS? [answer]
  2. What is a capability? [answer]
  3. What is a capability system? [answer]
  4. What is a persistence? [answer]
  5. How are capabilities different from access control lists (ACLs)? [answer]
  6. Why aren't capabilities and ACLS equivalent? [answer]
  7. Why does the difference between capabilities and ACLs matter? Give an example. [answer]

Security and Reliability

  1. How is EROS related to Linux or other UNIX systems? [answer]
  2. Is it possible to run binaries from Linux or other UNIX systems under EROS? [answer]
  3. Why is EROS secure? [answer]
  4. Why is EROS reliable? [answer]

Availability and Use

  1. When will EROS be available? [answer]
  2. Where can I obtain the source code? [answer]
  3. Is EROS Free Software? What are the terms of use? [answer]
  4. What if I want to join the EROS team? [answer]


  1. What hardware does EROS run on? [answer]
  2. Why not on the 386? [answer]
  3. What do I need to install it? [answer]

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