[Cap-Talk] W7/Scheme 48

Norman Hardy norm@cap-lore.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:10:04 -0700

At 14:52 -0700 01/07/10, Richard Uhtenwoldt wrote:
>good to see some traffic on this list.
>has anyone used Scheme 48 to build software in the capability style?
>I know about museme (=="multi-user simulated enviro"+"Scheme") and
>the robot thing.
>I ask because Scheme 48 is supposed to be built on a secure VM.

I do not the specific differences between Scheme 48 and the standard Scheme but
I have some notes at <http://ccap-lore.com/CapTheory/SKBLC.html> 
Referring to a paper by Jonathan Rees in which Scheme is used in a 
strong capability sense.

Norman Hardy  <http://cap-lore.com/>