[cap-talk] Polaris: Virus Safe Computing for Windows XP -needs, paper

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Tue Dec 7 10:55:22 EST 2004

Jed Donelley wrote:
> I accept the above and generally believe and support the
> notions below, but I think it important to point out that the
> paper that started the discussion is definitely *not* clear
> on these points.  As such it fails to forward many of the
> goals mentioned below.  I believe a brief statement could
> remedy this problem,
I agree, and I'll add something to that effect.
>                                                         An adequate
> restricted execution environment is possible with something as
> simple as a trap to process mechanism for anything that would
> otherwise be privileged or trap.  
If anyone knows of such a trap for Windows please let me know.  The best
I can figure out is to replace dlls, but that can be bypassed.
> While one might argue that Polaris could implement some aspects
> of POLA without an underlying capability mechanism, it does at least
> require *some* mechanism that provides a working restricted execution
> environment.  Apparently XP doesn't provide an adequate mechanism.
> That should be pointed out and hopefully in such a way as to
> forward some of the above goals - rather than detract from them as
> it seems to me the current form of the paper does.
I agree, and I'll add something to the paper.
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