[cap-talk] Re: "capabilities" as data vs. as descriptors -OS security discussion, restricted access processes, etc.

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Tue May 11 17:29:47 EDT 2004

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> On May 11, 2004, at 10:15 AM, Karp, Alan wrote:
> > Ian Grigg wrote:
> >>
> >> Who else agrees that design requirements for
> >> a capability system should include audits?
> >>
> >
> > The ability to audit is an important feature of any 
> commercial system. 
> >  It's hard to manage a system if you don't know what it's 
> doing.  It's 
> > hard to find an error if you don't know what process did what when.
> It is very difficult to design the authority (capabilities) 
> with which 
> to access an audit trail produced by the foundations. There is a 
> bottoming out problem.
> On the other hand it is possible to hand out capabilities whose 
> invocation leaves a record accessible to whoever handed out such a 
> capability. This does not involve hooks in the foundation.

Unless the foundation is there for other purposes.  In a capability as designators system, all capability transfer within a machine must be mediated by the TCB.  In a distributed environment like CU, where not proxying requires an explicit introduction, you also have the opportunity to audit capability transfers.

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