[cap-talk] Firefox and identifiability, small steps or large

David Hopwood david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 10 20:13:28 EST 2005

David Hopwood wrote:
> The disadvantages of icons are:
>  - It isn't practical for the user to create an icon. Therefore it has
>    to be provided in the introduction, which increases the possibilities
>    for confusion and social engineering. With textual names, the user
>    can always choose a name that is meaningful to them.
>  - An icon can't be typed. It can only be selected from a list, or
>    referred to indirectly via a textual name. This makes icons less
>    expressive in the sense that you can't use them in many situations
>    where you could use a name, for example in a command line interface.

I should also have mentioned another minor, but not insignificant
disadvantage: icons/logos take up more screen space.

David Hopwood <david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk>

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