[cap-talk] Firefox and identifiability, small steps or large

David Hopwood david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 10 20:48:20 EST 2005

Ian G wrote:
> marcs wrote:
>> While I agree that an icon-only system might be unsatisfactory, 
>> there's more than one way to skin this cat. One of the ideas I have
>> been inspired to think about (Ken Kahn got me started thinking about
>> this, I don't remember how), was to assign faces to the identities.
>> You could start with faces like pirates, scientists, bankers,
>> priests, etc., and edit them with mustaches, freckles, sunglasses.
>> For creating representations of trust relationships, it would be
>> really entertaining, and perhaps instructive, to experiment with
>> such mechanisms to allow users to create such icons, which could be very
>> expressive.
> That definately works.  If one thinks of the
> smiley space, this is something that would
> sell.  Definately!  Inspired!

I just don't get the enthusiasm for this. What face corresponds to, say,
Slashdot, or Google? The idea may sound attractive because humans do by
and large (although to varying extents) have remarkable skills of
recognition when looking at reasonable-sized photorealistic pictures of
human faces. However what we're talking about here is a cartoon-like
face, scaled down to a size where it will fit on a (wide) toolbar. Also,
users would be assigning them mostly to organizations, abstract things
like programs, and individuals that they know from the net and don't
know, or don't care, what they look like.

David Hopwood <david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk>

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