[cap-talk] Comments on a paper - resource "claims"

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Wed Jul 6 11:44:09 EDT 2005

Welcome back, Jed.  You wrote:

>                 I believe the notion of a "claim" in resources such as
> storage or processing is too fluid to be dealt with 
> effectively either as
> Alan hopes or as Nick suggests. 

I wasn't *hoping* anything.  I was reporting on SHARP, a decentralized
resource allocation scheme proposed for PlanetLab.  They found that many
clients assigned resources never use them.  If there's no over
allocation, resource utilization is around 60%.  Allowing claims to be
generated for more resource than is available raises this figure
considerably.  The trick is to get as much utilization as possible while
rejecting as few claims as possible.  They report that allocating
150%-200% is best.  My question to this list was about finding a more
capability-like approach than the digital certificates they used.

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