[cap-talk] Cap vs. cap + password

David Wagner daw at cs.berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 27 19:42:52 EST 2005

John C. McCabe-Dansted writes:
>We see the "public version" button on the tool bar.

This is a cool idea.  If the browser supports it, and the web server
supports it, it would help a lot.  And the mechanism could be pretty
simple.  (But I don't know if we can count on web servers to correctly
and usefully support making a "public version" out of every YURL.)

>We decide we don't really need to send a plain text version of the YURL, so we 
>select "NO" and choose petname Brian instead. A mail-to://brian@gmail.com 
>window pops up with a YURL encrypted against Brian's public key, i.e.         

I suspect this might have some downsides, because it requires close
integration between the browser and mailer.  Right now I can forward
a link to my friend Brian using my favorite mailer, no matter what mailer
I use; copy-and-paste is a very simple and powerful integration mechanism.
Probably it would be good to maintain that property.

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