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Tue Jun 27 15:07:15 EDT 2006


Just a point in passing regarding:

At 10:07 PM 6/23/2006, Norman Hardy wrote:
>I recall "facet" first in the Joule context, when it was spelled
>See <http://www.agorics.com/Library/joule.html>.
>In Keykos two start keys to the same object are two facets to the
>same object.
>Dean Tribble or Mark Miller probably introduced it.
>I introduced "service key" recently to unify a discussion of keepers.
>See <http://www.cap-lore.com/CapTheory/KK/Keeper.html>.
>It is a key category for explaining kernel logic.
>It was to unify a discussion of keepers.
>The kernel's message to the keeper includes the service key to the
>kept object so that the keeper can fix the object.
>The service key for a meter or segment is the node key.
>The service key for a domain is the domain key.
>The kernel knows node keys and domain keys when it sees them.

Can the node and domain keys still be effectively "emulated"
(substituted) by an extension (e.g. remote) key?  If the kernel
knows node and domain keys when it sees them, that would
seem to suggest that it would know when it received an
extension (e.g. emulating a node or domain key) key
instead.  In my limited experience (e.g. with RATS) that's
an area where care needs to be taken to insure that all
the base system capabilities can be emulated/extended
(as the file capability was not on RATS).

Just thought I'd ask.  Perhaps Charlie knows?

--Jed http://www.webstart.com/jed/ 

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