[cap-talk] Capabilities in C# (revised)

Sandro Magi naasking at higherlogics.com
Thu Nov 2 17:07:06 CST 2006

I took all the suggestions to heart and I've uploaded a revised version:



1. added DirtySecret class to the slide with Two Conspirators (also
renamed some fields for clarity)

2. added two slides on the CapDesk and the DarpaBrowser (spoofing and
unmatched security guarantees; let me know if I've overstated the case here)

3. Added 3 slides on "leaky libraries" and touched on taming and the
benefits of libraries with capability discipline

4. A few minor re-wordings and text additions (such as "functional
subsets", etc.)

I think it's a pretty good balance now. If anyone has some time, please
let me know if I've missed anything, or if I haven't explained something

Thanks for your help everybody! :-)


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