[cap-talk] Capabilities - the rub, an account

Valerio Bellizzomi devbox at selnet.org
Wed Nov 22 20:00:53 CST 2006

On 21/11/2006, at 14.23, Stiegler, Marc D wrote:


>Yeah, another one of the related tricky things (or entertaining things,
>depending on perspective) is that the concept of "unmanageable" and
>"complex" are dependent on whether you do authorization analysis or
>permissions analysis. As pointed out earlier, since real people use
>email, the system is already, from an IT perspective, too complex and
>unmanageable. It would be best to feed their illusions, from a marketing
>perspective: the IT analysis comically assumes that email does not
>exist, and living inside this fairy tale they get to have tight control.
>Very festive. Our grandchildren will laugh at the silliness of it all,
>if they can be brought to believe it really was this way. I am keeping
>snapshots of the great dialog boxes of the ages (such as, "Create a new
>password. Please pick a password that is easy to remember but difficult
>to guess") for the day when they want to do a Saturday Night Live skit
>on how ridiculous security used to be.

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