[cap-talk] Capabilities - the rub, an account, a password

Jed at Webstart donnelley1 at webstart.com
Sun Nov 26 14:15:28 CST 2006

At 06:00 PM 11/22/2006, Valerio Bellizzomi wrote:
>On 21/11/2006, at 14.23, Stiegler, Marc D wrote:
> >Please pick a password that is easy to remember but difficult
> >to guess") for the day when they want to do a Saturday Night Live skit
> >on how ridiculous security used to be.
> >
> >--marcs

>Password:   p13as3_cr4ck_m3

I'm entirely with MarcS on this one.  I've spent wayyyy too much of my life
dealing with hacks like the above.  Such can be useful if forced into
a nonsensical situation (e.g. find an openly communicated way to
beat the stock market), but I think we are much better off getting away
from such nonsense.

--Jed http://www.webstart.com/jed/ 

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