[cap-talk] Users in object/capability systems (was: MLS gone bad, Lampson)

Jed at Webstart donnelley1 at webstart.com
Sun Nov 26 14:18:54 CST 2006

At 01:49 PM 11/23/2006, Valerio Bellizzomi wrote:
>On 21/11/2006, at 10.24, Jed at Webstart wrote:
> >> >And?  Does EROS work as above or otherwise?
> >>
> >>It isn't yet clear to me how a running Coyotos system will work.
> >
> >The above is all pretty simple DVH sort of capability stuff.  I believe
> >it could even be supported in the network capabilities as data world,
> >except that there needs to be some sort of escrow mechanism or
> >otherwise to insure that the identity (e.g. process) that creates the
> >new delegated capability can't itself access it.
>I know the DVH stuff, which has been extended in EROS with "diminish-take"
>(I think). But Coyotos is still a work in progress and much details will
>probably change.
>For example, the recent introduction of Endpoints and FCRBs, as Shap said
>in his paper, modify the system architecture.

As others on this list have heard often enough I hold out the most hope for
the network down approach for developing a market for object/capabilities.
IMHO the OS up approach continues to prove unworkable - though I continue
to wish them luck.  It doesn't hurt any.

--Jed http://www.webstart.com/jed/ 

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