[cap-talk] Boebert Farber paper reference?

Jed Donnelley jed at nersc.gov
Tue Nov 28 18:49:43 CST 2006

At 09:20 AM 11/28/2006, Bill Tulloh wrote:
>At 08:39 AM 11/23/2006, Neal H. Walfield wrote:
> >In Boebert's review of Capability Myths Demolished [1], he says:
> >
> >  The absence of the Kain and Landwehr paper, any mention of PSOS, or
> >  the primary sources such as the original Farber paper would,
> > however, make me skeptical.
> >I can't find any Farber paper.  Does anyone know what paper he is
> >referring to?  What other primary sources is he suggesting?
>I'm not aware of any Farber paper either. I've never seen it cited 
>by any of the relevant articles.
>My guess is this is just a slip of memory. He was perhaps thinking 
>of Fabry, maybe Karger.

Funny.  I was just looking back at this message and asking a bit 
about D.J. Farber and
capabilities.  I was a bit befuddled when I saw that he's a coauthor 
on the EROS
paper.  However, I'm not aware of any early capability work by D. J. Farber.
Maybe Jonathan Shapiro could fill us in a bit on Farber's role in the 
EROS work?

I also think perhaps Boebert was thinking of Fabry:

Fabry, R. S., "List-Structured Addressing", Ph.D. Thesis, University 
of Chicago,

Fabry, R. S., "Capability-Based Addressing", Communications of the ACM, 17:7,
(July 1974), 403-412.

Fabry, R. S., "How to Design a System in Which Modules can be Changed on the
Fly" to be presented at the 2nd International Conference on Software 
San Francisco, California  (October 1976).

though of course there is always going to the horse (cc's).

--Jed http://www.webstart.com/jed/ 

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