[cap-talk] origin of the power box

Mark Seaborn mrs at mythic-beasts.com
Wed Oct 11 17:09:17 CDT 2006

Marc Stiegler <marcs at skyhunter.com> wrote:

> It's been a long time since I read Ping's paper, but I do not remember 
> this paper mentioning a powerbox.
> Ping may have described an object that would correctly be described as a 
> powerbox,

Yes, Ping didn't use the term "powerbox" (which I guess you or Mark M
coined?), but the concept was clearly described:

"For an application to create new application instances or use sound
devices, files, printers, the network, or any other resources, the
user must explicitly grant capabilities to the application. To gain
capabilities the application makes a request to the system and the
system asks the user by presenting a dialog box. Icons representing
capabilities can be dragged and dropped onto the capability dialog, or
a file chooser style dialog may be used. The system dialog box is
graphically linked to the application window so that users do not
grant permissions to the wrong application."

I'm pretty sure this was where I first came across the concept.


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