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Hi, Duncan
Contact me on ken at sipantic.net any time and we can set up a meet. 
Safe trip

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Hi Ken and cap-talk in general,

As Toby mentioned, I will be attending ACSAC to present an overview
paper on our organisation's Annex project, whose security layer is
founded on object-capabilities. (I will try and make a copy of the paper
available after the conference).

While I'm there I'd love to meet up with any cap-talkers that may be
around. I arrive in Miami Beach on Saturday night and am there until the
following Saturday morning. Drop me an email at
duncan.grove at internode.on.net if you'd like to meet up, or seek me out
at the conference and say hi!

Best regards,
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> I'm not attending ACSAC, but I hope that someone from the research group
> I used to work in will be, since they're presenting a paper there on the
> capability-based security architecture that was developed for a ubicomp
> testbed they're working on. 
> The paper is "An Overview of the Annex System" by Duncan Grove et al.
> and might be of interest to those who find practical applications of
> capability-based/object-cap security interesting. I'm afraid I don't
> have a copy to pass around at the moment but hopefully Duncan can chime
> in here with a bit more info.
> On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 13:32 -0500, ken wrote:
>> > Will anyone on this list be attending Twenty-Third Annual Computer
>> > Applications Conference (ACSAC) December 10-14, 2007, Miami Beach
Resort and
>> > Spa, Miami Beach, FL, USA?
>> > If so perhaps we could find time to meet. I have no plan (as yet) to
>> > but I am a short drive away.
>> > Ken Hamer-Hodges
>> > ken at sipantic.net 

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