[cap-talk] "Same" key

Norman Hardy norm at cap-lore.com
Fri Feb 9 18:00:15 CST 2007

On Feb 4, 2007, at 2:19 PM, Dean Tribble wrote:

> That analogy breaks down fairly quickly for programs that take
> advantage of the communications architecture to implement message
> plumbing (which I believe is a crucial new form of abstraction).  We
> wrote many examples in which multiple concurrent processes extract
> messages from the receive side (which one is the "object"?), the thing
> receiving messages changed over time, or the thing receiving messages
> handled some and deferred other elsewhere.  "Objectness" from the
> client's perspective (the message sender) was thus generally stretched
> across several implementation objects.  Similarly, with direct support
> for facets (e.g., Joule facets, KeyKOS capability bits, etc.), an
> implementation object might appear to be several different "objects"
> from it clients' perspectives.

This is an interesting case. I think I would provide two descriptions  
for such a service.
The first would be addressed to those who use the service and I would  
describe the service as one object and strive to write the code to  
conform to any resulting implications.
To those who need to understand the code that defines the behavior, I  
would refer to several 'real' objects, with a hopefully short  
appendix on why it appear as one.

This is one of those many situations where we shift our manner of  
speaking in a way to confuse new-comers.
I don't see an alternative.

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