[cap-talk] Archive of December

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Sun Jan 14 18:16:26 CST 2007


as I'm new to the list, I'll introduce myself before asking anything.
I'm an independant worker in France, selling system and network admin,
consulting, teaching and development (including web applications and
sites). In my copious free time as well as business time, I try to
contribute to free software. I'm relatively new to the concept of ABAC,
which I discovered through my interest for the redesign of the HURD and
it's L4 port.

I only recently understood how to design an application with ABAC (which
means I only recently really got capabilities deep in my head, because
there's pretty much nothing to understand...), and try now to better
understand patterns that can be achieved with capabilities.

I'm trying to skim through the past archives of the list, but it's not
very comfortable to read them with the web interface of mailman, so I'd
like to know if someone could send me an mbox file with the mails from
begin of december up to the last mail of Neal... If so, you are free to
send it by email, whatever the size.

nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
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