[cap-talk] Capabilities and Freedom vs. Safety

David Chizmadia (JHU) chiz at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Jul 26 08:00:10 EDT 2007


Karp, Alan H wrote:
> David Chizmadia wrote:
>> I would strongly encourage you to voluntarily discontinue active
>> discussion on this list because your now clearly stated assumptions
>> are diametrically opposed to the assumptions of pretty much everyone
>> else who is a frequent contributor.
> I disagree and second MarkM's remarks on this subject.  Except for some
> impolite remarks on both sides of the discussion, I'm enjoying the
> exchange.  I particularly appreciate the way all participants are being
> forced to refine their arguments.  The more recent notes are crisper and
> more to the point than the ones that got this thread started.

    Mainly to acknowledge everyone's statements...

    I agree that dissenting and skeptical views are both desirable
and necessary to push any community using the scientific method to
periodically examine both its theoretical foundations and the words
it uses to express those foundations. On extensive reflection, I've
concluded that I was reacting to the patronizing attitude that I
perceived in James' posts rather than the technical comments. I have
reset my indignation filters and detonation button threshold to more
sensible values.  :-D

    Now back to our far more interesting technical discussions (to
which I hope to soon be contributing some interesting ideas...).


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