[cap-talk] Interesting Presentation: Architectural Choices for Security

ken ken at sipantic.net
Mon Nov 12 13:08:21 EST 2007

Mark et al
For 35 years Moore's Law has changed everything except Computer Security. We
are working with a 40 year old paradigm that failed to adapt to new needs,
changes in scope and performance and no corporations knows how or dare fix

So I put that presentation together to elevate the level of understanding in
my local user community and start to work from the grass roots. There is a
big need to fill a serious void in understanding. 

I now believe that Computer Security and Information Protection will only
develop from Open Source solutions (just like E), solutions that show the
way, challenging free thinkers with independent efforts to change the
equation (c.f. Google Lunar X prize). Leaving Computer Security to
corporations is like living under King George and doing nothing about it. 

Privileged modes and privileged users exist throughout the infrastructure...
Threats grow on all sides. We need a "Revolutionary" approach to Computer
Security starting with a Declaration of Independence! I would like to join
with others and discuss next steps perhaps leading to an On-Line conference.
Any interest?


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I just ran across

The author is cap-talk subscriber Ken Hamer Hodges, one of the
creators of the Plessey 250, an early capability system.

Hi Ken, thanks for putting this presentation together! I'm curious.
Where has it been presented?

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