[cap-talk] testing install of Waterken server before WWW 2008

David Chizmadia (Home) chizmadia at comcast.net
Tue Apr 15 18:58:07 CDT 2008


     As a small suggestion to streamline the reusability of your
documentation and any future examples you write, you should
consider creating behaviorally-identical virtual appliances
for Xen, Qemu, and VMware. This would pretty much ensure that
what you show would be what dabblers get.


Tyler Close wrote:
> Hi all,
> Next week I'll be presenting the Waterken server at WWW 2008. I'm
> hoping some of the attendees will be intrigued enough to try
> installing it and playing with it. I'ld like the install process to be
> pain-free enough that the initial intrigue doesn't wear off. I'm
> hoping cap-talk members could try installing the latest Waterken
> server distribution and inform me of any problems before the
> conference.
> The download page is accessible from:
> http://waterken.sourceforge.net/
> There's an online example program for the Waterken server at:
> http://waterken.sourceforge.net/bang/
> Your mission is to get this example program running on your local
> machine. I'm hoping that if people can easily get that far, they will
> be able to experiment with creating their own classes.
> Thanks,
> --Tyler

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