[cap-talk] Midori in The Register

Rob Jellinghaus rjellinghaus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 15:50:51 CDT 2008

>From marcs:
>Is there anything anyone in the dark heart of Microsoft can now tell us
about this project, since the Register spilled some beans?
To my understanding, the information in the SDTimes articles (the origin of
all the ancillary coverage) was leaked without official Microsoft approval,
and the Microsoft party line on this "Midori" project is still that it is an
unannounced and not-publicly-discussed incubation venture.  So these
articles change nothing in terms of what is officially or publicly
disclosable by Microsoft employees.
The only way to obtain more information about incubation projects is under
NDA, such as the type of NDA issued before hiring interviews.

I do think I can disclose that I am currently working for Microsoft, on a
team with (among others) Ravi Pandya, Dean Tribble, Pavel Curtis, Eric
Northup, and Chris Brumme.  (The latter is a familiar name if you follow
the CLR world.)  Ravi and Dean recruited me in February and I started in
earnest in early May.  My wife and I are glad to have relocated, both
life-wise and work-wise!   And our team is, in fact, hiring....


Check my blog --> http://robjsoftware.org
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