[cap-talk] What sustained interest in capabilities

Jed Donnelley capability at webstart.com
Wed Dec 31 20:29:09 EST 2008

At 05:46 PM 12/29/2008, Mitsu Hadeishi wrote:
>... I believe capability security is ideally suited as an
>architectural strategy for exposing software-as-a-service scriptable

As Charlie indicated, I believe you will find almost universal support
for the above position on this list (contrary positions?).

>In other words --- I'm simply arguing that here's an
>opportunity for all the theoretical work that's been done on
>capability security to have an immediate and tangible real-world
>impact on production systems without having to wait for the entire
>world to switch over to a capability secure operating system,
>leveraging tons of legacy code.

Again I doubt you'll find an argument on this list.  Considerable work
is ongoing on the above approach - work that we all wish success.

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