[cap-talk] Loss of control (was: Re: A paper on web-keys)

Mark Miller erights at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 09:52:04 EST 2008

On Feb 1, 2008 2:25 AM, Jed Donnelley <capability at webstart.com> wrote:
> At 04:20 PM 1/31/2008, David Hopwood wrote:
> >"A pure capability system includes the ability for elephants to pass the
> >capability to other elephants...
> Actually the above statement ("includes the ability"),
> which is simply the assertion of support for the Granovetter
> diagram, seems to me a pretty straight forward statement
> that applies to all capability systems.

No it does not. If it did, capabilities could not support confinement.
A pure object capability system allows Alice the elephant to pass a
capability she has to any other elephants that Alice has access to. If
Alice has no access to Bob the elephant, Alice cannot pass a
capability to Bob. That is one of the points made by the Granovetter

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