[cap-talk] VOC <-> DAC distinction (was: RE: In defense of P-1935)

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Sat Feb 2 22:18:57 EST 2008

Jed wrote:
> Isn't this a DAC without MAC situation where
> I don't need to know the policy to avoid
> violating it?  Isn't it in fact Voluntary
> Oblivious Compliance?   The above thinking is
> why to me VOC is a subset of DAC - essentially
> a nice property of a DAC.
Not by my definition.  If the delegator is confined, then it's DAC with MAC.  If the delegator is not confined, it's VOC.  If there's nobody to to block the delegation or prevent use of the delegated right, it's DAC without MAC.

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