[cap-talk] VOC <-> DAC distinction (was: RE: In defense of P-1935)

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Sun Feb 3 21:48:40 EST 2008

Jed wrote:
> >If the delegator is not confined, it's VOC.
Oops.  I meant to say that if the delegator is not confined but the delegation may be made ineffective (blocked or not honored), it's VOC.
> I think I understand, though as I say, the terminology
> does sometime seems a bit slippery to me.  I just wonder
> if you could clarify for me whether or not you consider
> optionally delegating through Horton tunnels as VOC or
> not.
I do.  If there are no Horton tunnels (or some other mechanism to make delegations ineffective), then I consider it DAC without MAC.

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