[cap-talk] MinorFs: basic system descriptions, input appreciated on attenuation.

Rob Meijer capibara at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 11 05:12:31 EST 2008

I've just finished a many diagrams version of a description of MinorFs.


So far I've got two of the four filesystem abstractions up and running,
the ones concerned with private data and unattenuated delegation of sub

Attenuation may or may not be more tricky than how I now plan to implement

Given that I am now starting work on attenuation, it seems like a good
thing to follow Jeds advice and ask explicitly for input at this point.
This is the reason why I made this many diagram document before doing the
actual implementation.

I would be very interested in receiving some input if how I propose to
implement attenuation in MinorFs is the right way to go.


Rob J Meijer

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