[cap-talk] [cap-conf] Workshop name issue (was: Re: Object Capability Computing Workshop - name work)

Jed Donnelley capability at webstart.com
Wed Feb 20 02:45:17 EST 2008

At 10:34 PM 2/19/2008, Karp, Alan H wrote:
>Jed wrote:
> > I don't have any in the above that I prefer to "Capability
> > Computing Workshop"
>On reading the other notes on the subject, I prefer this name.  As 
>MarkM says, the call for papers, if there is one, can clarify the 
>topics of interest.

I cringe at this choice because I know that essentially
every person in my scientific computing center and other
such centers, in the DOE office of science and the NSF
scientific centers will get the completely wrong impression
of what this workshop is about.  Still, if that's the
best we can do (I haven't proposed anything better), then,
as noted above, the call can separate these ambiguous
interpretations.  I hesitate mentioning this name for
Thursday's meeting at LLNL because most of the
people who matter will get the wrong idea.  Perhaps later
we can sell whoever is important on this name?

I sure wish we had something better.  I'll stay open for
suggestions as long as possible.

--Jed  http://www.webstart.com/jed-signature.html  

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