[cap-talk] A paper on web-keys

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Fri Jan 18 11:24:54 EST 2008

Sandro Magi wrote:
> The one concern I have about "the object is the UI" approach
> is upgrade.
> Web applications are constantly being refactored, and upgrading a
> persistent object store is a *tough* problem. It's my last unsolved
> dilemma with the web-calculus, and there is little discussion
> of this in
> the Waterken docs, so if someone has a solution, please let me know. I
> think upgrade should be covered after the requisite "Hello World!".
The UI provides another point of control because people will only bookmark the URLs of the pages, not the links on those pages.  That means I can change the look of any web page to represent the refactoring, and I can change the webkeys behind the links on those pages.

Tyler has produced a tool to roll the persistent store forward to a new version, but I'll let him comment on that.

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