[cap-talk] [tahoe-dev] Fwd: Don't put capabilities in argv?

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Sat Jul 12 20:59:55 CDT 2008

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On Jul 12, 2008, at 16:18 PM, Ben Hyde wrote:

 > The usual work around is to overwrite your argv.  In fact some  
people enjoy
 > displaying process status that
 > way. <http://cr.yp.to/daemontools/readproctitle.html

Thanks for the suggestion, Ben.  That suggestion and others are now  
discussed on the cap-talk mailing list [1].

David Wagner suggested what you suggested, and Kevin Reid's reply  
(which is what
I was thinking, too) was:

while true; do ps axww | grep cap: >> gathered done

Kevin also gave various arguments why leaking your authority to  
everyone who can
run ps on your operating system might not always be a show-stopper.

But I guess I'll probably get comfortable with having all caps on the  
command-line represented by their aliases instead of by the actual  
I really like the Python motto: "There is only one way to do it.", so  
inclined to try to make the aliases mechanism good enough for most  
purposes and
deprecate the caps-on-the-command-line mechanism entirely.



[1] http://www.eros-os.org/pipermail/cap-talk/2008-July/date.html

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