[cap-talk] MinorFS Philosophy

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Tue Jul 29 12:18:39 CDT 2008

Rob Meijer wrote:
> The editor does thus not have to ask a powerbox for a part of the
> static
> global home treegraph to be delegated to it, instead it can store the
> resume.txt in its own private home storage space, and delegate the
> resume
> file to the user, or any program that it can communicate with.
> The receiving program also has its own private home storage, that it
> can
> use to create a symlink to the delegated resume.txt file, in order to
> also
> make the delegation persistent.
Good example.  Thanks.  Now I want to understand the advantages of what you propose.

Alice "sees" something called resume.txt in her view of the file system, which is really a symlink to a cap.  When she activates it, the system restarts Editor0, which has in its environment the cap to the actual data file.  If that's right, the only thing Alice can do with what she sees as resume.txt is open it with instance Editor0, which seems pretty limiting.  If that's wrong, I don't understand the benefit of putting the file under Editor0 instead of under Alice, since she can do anything with the symlink she could do with a reference to the file itself.

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