[cap-talk] Access President Obama via a capability?

Jasvir Nagra jas at nagras.com
Mon Feb 2 16:00:13 EST 2009


Summary (seen through appropriately tinted glasses):
Obama's email address is a long secret - only those that know it or receive
email from him can email him.  It has to be changed regularly presumably
because the true address leaks out slowly and they haven't heard a Who.
Although the following quote is interesting:
> If you are lucky enough to get an email from him, it's encrypted in such a
> way that it can't be forwarded to your parents, or anyone. No attachments
> will get through, either.
If we eliminate the journalistic hype, its not that the email can't be
forwarded but that presumably the From address is not the raw capability to
the president but an attenuated one.

Jasvir Nagra
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