[cap-talk] Tahoe (was: Re: Core of IBAC dominance - direction?)

Jed Donnelley capability at webstart.com
Tue Mar 3 01:36:24 EST 2009

At 01:27 AM 3/2/2009, Toby Murray wrote:
>On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 17:51 -0800, Jed Donnelley wrote:
> > What I haven't yet seen for such network capabilities as data is a
> > mechanism for making the objects they point to available as
> > semantically equivalent objects in existing systems, e.g. Unix
> > and/or Windows.  As perhaps with a mechanism to "mount" a
> > networked directory capability with the ability to inject (import?)
> > such files and/or directories into a local structure - providing
> > the ability to apply local tools to them (e.g. players for
> > viewing, editors for file manipulation, listing for directories,
> > etc.).  It seems that effective caching and locking would be needed.
> > Of course there would be (are?  Are there such mechanisms available?)
> > conflicts in the area of access control, but that's to be expected
> > without agreement on IDs.
>Have a look at Tahoe and its FUSE plugins. With Tahoe, you can mount a
>remote (distributed) filesystem using a capability-as-datum (i.e.
>password capability, if you like) that you pass to the 'mount' command.
>You can then interact with the filesystem as if it were any other remote
>filesytem (e.g. NFS) as usual. If you want to delegate a subtree to
>someone, you can get the capability-as-datum for that subtree (or a
>transitively-read-only version) and then pass on the datum. Whoever you
>give it to can then access just that subtree either by mounting it or by
>using a web interface or any of the other Tahoe frontends.

You're right.  I've been thinking again about Tahoe since I wrote the above.
I want to spend more time with Tahoe and support it more.  Regarding:

>What Tahoe lacks from your requirements it the ability to host
>'arbitrary' objects. It is "just" a filesystem.

I think "just" a filesystem is exactly the right first step.  Tahoe even has
something like "deep read-only" (it's only read-only) that I feel adds value.

Unfortunately with a new job doing mostly system administration, family
commitments, etc. I just haven't had time to work more with Tahoe - or
contribute more to cap-talk.  I guess I should drop out of the cap-talk email
business and focus again on more Tahoe deployment and testing work for a while.

If I can get to the point of posting some Tahoe directory capabilities that
others can share through file system access (e.g. like the wideword 
I posted in the past), perhaps a directory with Open Office Documents
related to capabilities, I'll be delighted.

Thanks for the reminder.

--Jed  http://www.webstart.com/jed-signature.html 

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