[cap-talk] A Taxonomy of Current Object-Cap Systems

Toby Murray toby.murray at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 6 03:53:31 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 21:53 +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Toby Murray wrote:
> > If a systems is missing above that you think should be included, please
> > let me know.
> Mach

I wasn't aware that Mach was object-capability (I'm not trying to imply
that I thought it was otherwise however). Is there documentation or a
paper I can refer to that talks about its current incarnation? 

> Well, I can tell you that Mach supports synchronous and asynchronous message
> send and receive between threads and provides a full EQ? operation for all
> kernel-implemented objects.

Great. Could you elaborate on how the asynchronous sends work? Are they
buffered or best-effort? Mach is unique in providing asynchronous
receives. How do they work? (I can't even imagine -- I really need to do
some more reading.)



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