[cap-talk] Bespin, Caja, Tahoe

Zooko O'Whielacronx zookog at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 08:52:30 EST 2009

[Cc: cap-talk, tahoe-dev]


You might be interested in the Bespin project:


It is a text editor written in JavaScript and relying heavily on the
"Canvas" element.  One of its goals is to be extensible with
JavaScript in the way that Emacs is extensible with Lisp.  Therefore,
it is naturally could benefit from capability-secure JavaScript, so
that you could use someone's extensions without being entirely
vulnerable to them.  Also, the members of the cap-talk list have oft
opined that cap discipline yields less buggy, more re-usable code even
when you don't care about protecting against the author being

It would also be fun to retarget the Bespin backend from its current
custom server to a Tahoe grid, similarly to how we have already
retargetted TiddlyWiki from the local filesystem to Tahoe.  Here's a
blog entry that I wrote about that idea.  (Note, my blog is actually a
TiddlyWiki on Tahoe.  :-))




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