[cap-talk] TiddlyWiki on Tahoe (was: Re: Bespin, Caja, Tahoe)

Jed Donnelley capability at webstart.com
Fri Mar 6 11:36:06 EST 2009

At 05:52 AM 3/6/2009, Zooko O'Whielacronx wrote:
>[Cc: cap-talk, tahoe-dev]
>...(Note, my blog is actually a TiddlyWiki on Tahoe.  :-))

Hey Zooko,

Can you tell us a bit more about TiddlyWiki on Tahoe?  Specifically, 
can it (make all my dreams come true):

1.  Support the deep read-only property - namely that if you fetch a 
directory or file from a read-only directory then the resulting 
capability (a URL as above) is also read-only.

2.  Is there a Web view into directories?  If so, can you send such a 
Web link to a directory to the cap-talk list?  Preferably one with 
one or more RW directory links stored in the directory that will be 
converted to RO links on fetching.  It would be terrific if we could 
also get a RW link to a directory to experiment with.

3.  Is it possible to "mount" such a directory link (so that files 
and directories can be accessed by local applications such as Unix or 
Windows applications) - e.g. with the Tahoe client (if so on what OSs)?

4.  Is there any mechanism for uploading (copying) files into a RW 
web directory capability?

5.  Is there a mechanism for inserting file links (cross site, 
shared) into a RW web directory capability?

6.  Is there any mechanism for inserting directories (cross site, 
shared) into a RW directory capability?

Of course feel free to map the above terminology so that it makes 
more sense to you (or ask if it's so unclear as to not be understandable).

Thanks (!) for any time to respond.

--Jed  http://www.webstart.com/jed-signature.html 

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