[cap-talk] contemplating Waterken + X3D--synergy

John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 16 01:15:57 EDT 2009

I am contemplating using the Waterken Server,  http://waterken.sourceforge.net/ 
  to produce a served X3D (read web3d) web application.   The last  
time I played with Waterken, it looked you would program a Java API,  
and its objects and methods would be exposed as XML, with which you  
could use stylesheets to transform them into an HTML application.   
Now, it looks like it exposes JSON (but I haven't confirmed this),  
which can be transformed using JavaScript (or some version of Caja) on  
the client side, and Java on the server side (actually, Joe-E, from  
what I've read).

I guess my question is, how different is Waterken since I last used  
it?  It looks like it has moved from a REST-ful API to a ref_send API  
which looks interesting.  I can really see how X3D Routes are like  
Promises--good stuff--Is there a Java or JavaScript API for X3D Routes  
that can be merged with the ref_send API?  Does anyone else see a  
similarity between Routes and Promises?

I've tried to playing with E & E-Monkey scripts, Something like X3D/ 
JavaScript/Joe-E is more likely to work on my MacOSX I hope.

Also, how does X3D work with receiving URIs from the server (web- 
keys)?  Can you update nodes and attributes to include HTTPS URIs?

Is there a 3D Web Cap-talk emailing list that could be formed to  
discuss such a thing?  Is anyone interested?

What makes Waterken so attractive is that I get security without  
having to maintain user passwords.  However, I do need a way to  
maintain bookmarks, and I'm wondering which X3D browsers support  
bookmarks on MacOSX--or if that's supported through the HTML browser  
that the X3D browser is plugged into.  Can I create new viewpoints as  
bookmarks?  Say I navigate to a particular place in an X3D world, and  
I want to send the view to my buddy through email or a server.  Can  
this be done with existing technology?

What is the likelihood of getting Xj3D or other 3D Java based browser  
verified by Joe-E?

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