[cap-talk] Webkeys vs. the web

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Tue Mar 31 20:09:12 EDT 2009

David-Sarah Hopwood wrote:
> However, you can't give the *content* of the page to a subject that should
> only have the attenuated authority. This is a useful thing to allow; also
> note that the page content can potentially leak via an XSS attack or any
> other browser exploit that can transmit content on the current page to an
> attacker.

The idea is that the dynamic part of the page doesn't contain any actual links.  Clicking what appears to be a link invokes a script that uses the traversed path information to decide what page to show next.
> In any case, why is this necessary, given that the browser's Back button
> and History window provide the same functionality? It seems like a lot
> of complexity just to duplicate functionality that is already available
> via those browser features (in a way that doesn't cause any problem in
> giving the page content to another subject).
Recall Chip's challenge.  He wanted to put a "take me Home", e.g., to my powerbox page,  link on a page having reduced authority.  In my proposal, that would go in the dynamic part.

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