[cap-talk] caps tried and rejected for AMQP

John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 7 23:51:16 EDT 2009

On Oct 7, 2009, at 7:18 PM, David-Sarah Hopwood wrote:
> Disappointing to see another rejection of capabilities with no better
> technical justification than (paraphrasing only slightly)
> "it's too hard to change anything".

That's why we need stuff like Sparkle to take off.  See http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/
It's a tool to update software with.  It also tracks, stuff like  
application version,
architecture, OS version etc, so you know how many people are on which  
version of your
software.  Here's the Adium stats from sparkle, to give you an  

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