[cap-talk] OAuth and OCAP?

Karp, Alan H alan.karp at hp.com
Wed Jun 2 15:27:09 PDT 2010

OAuth 2.0 (essentially OAuth-WRAP; OAuth 1.0 is a completely different beast.) is almost a capability system, but not quite.  It's like a capability system in that you authenticate (with OpenID if you like) to get an authorization token, which you can pass on to others.  It's not a capability system in that the token is not mandated to designate the resource.  The Kantara Initiative User Managed Access people had a confused deputy because of this shortcoming.  There are other, less important oddities in the protocol that make it not quite o-caps.

I'm up on this because I attended the recent Internet Identity Workshop.  It's fun.  People on this list should go.

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