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On 3/4/10 at 11:04 AM, zookog at gmail.com (Zooko O'Whielacronx) wrote:

> P.S. Just had breakfast with David Chaum, described the capability
> access control in the Tahoe-LAFS project, and he said "Oh yeah! I know
> that idea. I published a University of California technical report
> with Fabry in the 1970's about integrating addressing, access control
> and encryption.". If anybody can find a copy of this paper please let
> me know! :-)

I haven't found a copy, but the full citation, gleaned from Google
Scholar might be:

D. L. Chaum and R. S. Fabry. Implementing capability-based protection
using encryption. Technical Report UCB/ERL M78/46, University of
Califomia at Berkeley, July 1978.

It might take a trip to a hard copy library to get a copy. UC Berkeley
Libraries claim to have a copy. They list it as a book in their online

Cheers - Bill

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