[cap-talk] arbitrary code execution service?

Charles Landau clandau at macslab.com
Fri Nov 12 08:00:54 PST 2010

You asked about E, but since you asked on cap-talk and not e-lang, I'll 
respond for CapROS.

On 11/11/10 10:39 AM, Johnicholas Hines wrote:
> Is it easy to write an E service that offers the ability to run
> arbitrary E code on the server (in particular, internet privileges)?

CapROS already has a service to run abritrary code, in fact there's a 
server running right now.

If CapROS supported E then you could create a service to run arbitrary E 
code. I'm not sure what's involved in supporting E.

> Then one could add wrinkles like: "and any source code you submit as a
> job will be stored and made publicly available for anyone to read",

This is easy.

> Or: "and your account will be billed for cpu time, storage, bandwidth
> used, and your application will be killed/revoked if your account goes
> to zero".

This is already implemented and running.

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