[cap-talk] Rich Sharing and Clusterken videos come to YouTube

Stiegler, Marc D marc.d.stiegler at hp.com
Mon Mar 19 12:19:54 PDT 2012

> First, there is the URL bar. Indeed, it just shows the URL, which is
> annoying when you wish the URL to be kept secret. If the secret is kept
> on the fragment part, this one can be changed in JavaScript doing:
>     location.hash = "yo"

 This is a fascinating possibility I hadn't known about before. Since the webkeys inside a page that suffer from hovering are generally more attenuated than the webkey of the parent page, the url in the url bar is often the greatest vulnerability. I shall experiment with this in the next app I do. One issue with changing the fragment in the url in the bar is, what if the user then does a refresh?


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