Only present sporadically over the next 3 weeks

Mark S. Miller
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 19:26:08 -0800

At 11:24 AM 10/17/98 , Mark S. Miller wrote:
>Just want to let everyone know  I'll be travelling and schedule-saturated
>for the next three weeks, so only expect my presence on email only
>sporadically.  But I promise to read through all the correspondence
>afterwards -- please keep the great discussions going!  
>	Always needing more time,
>	--MarkM
>Btw, I do hope to have E v0.7.x released in about a week, incorporating
>many of the changes (to be enumerated) already settled on this list.  These
>discussions have helped tremendously, thanks!

[+] E v0.7.x is ready to be made available, 
has many great improvements, and much new documentation too.  It owes a
tremendous debt to this email discussion.

It'll all be posted as soon as some cvs weirdness gets straightened out.