Having Exported Jobs, Export Telnet Sessions, Not Crypto

Douglas Crockford crockford@earthlink.net
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 20:17:18 -0800

>>>What if we set up a Linux machine in a free country like Ireland, and
>>>the distribution there by Telnet? [...]
>>>Does anyone see any problems with this scenario?

>>I do not think that this is going to work if a U.S. citizen is the one
>>the work.

>Why not?  I haven't read the regs, but this activity doesn't violate any
>rules I've heard about.  This US citizen would not be the source of any
>crypto information.  What am I missing?

Before you guys attempt something nutty like this, please check it out with
an Export attorney. I love you all like sisters, and I would hate to see you
locked away from humanity.