Announcing E 0.7.4

Mark S. Miller
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 00:03:54 -0800

No new features this time, just fixing up the building and release process:

The zip files are back

The javadocs are back, now in the snazzier 1.2 format (the best use of
frames I've ever seen.  Kudos to Javasoft!)

The uxwin32 package, which was a <euphemism>evolved</euphemism> version of
some ancient cygwin distribution from Cygnus, has been killed.  The
download page now points at Cygnus' Cygwin download page.  Cygnus has
released a very nice new Cygwin package (Beta 20) with a pleasant
installer.  Cygwin provides enough of the standard unix tools under windows
that one can stay sane.  Even if you're not building E, if you're
developing anything on a Windows machine, get Cygwin!

I'm experimenting with Frame's html output mode. is the best I've so far
been able to get the Control Structures chapter to look.  Is this close
enough to working html to be useful?  (Btw, this chapter will be renamed
"Block Structure".)

The exceptions package has been moved from org.erights.e.elib to
org.erights.e.develop to improve layering.  With this change, elib.** still
depends on develop.**, but the reverse is no longer true.

This release was built on a win95 machine, but not yet in a fully clean or
automated fashion.