Announcing E 0.7.4

Mark S. Miller
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:38:05 -0800

At 12:42 AM 11/30/98 , Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
>...  The whole unpacked distribution
>is nearly 30 megabytes for me, which is uncomfortably large.
>(The Python distribution is about 6.5 megabytes including the
>library and some examples and tools; the jsrc/ directory of
>the E distribution is similar in size.)

[+] I need to revisit the whole "build a distribution" thing very soon.  
Getting 0.7.4 to build on my laptop was my first real foray into these

>After unpacking, i was surprised to find no compiled bytecode
>anywhere.  So i can't try it out with kaffe until i compile it.

[?] Would you have expected these in a "source" distribution?
They are in the binary distribution.

>but guavac seems to be unhappy unless you compile dependents
>first, and there is a circular dependency between

[-] I believe you mean

>   org.erights.e.elib.base.ArraySugar

[+] Sigh, thanks for identifying this.
I'll try to untangle this soon.  I assume that cyclic dependencies *within*
a package are fine?

>It's not bad, but i wonder what's up with Frame having this
>recurring size inconsistency.  The first occurrences of things
>seem to often be larger than later occurrences, whereas the
>monospaced example text seems to come in random sizes.

[?] Where?
Please point me at some examples.  Thanks.

>Unfortunately an example got mangled on:
>Augh.  How hard can it possibly be to convert a simple
>block-structured document from one form to another?  Geez.

I think Frame believes that it can insert newlines when it wishes to break
up html output, and does after a character style change.  Of course, this
doesn't work in <pre>formatted text.</pre>

>At least it's encouraging to see that Frame was able to
>generate decent images from your figures.

But in the "Quick Links" figure in Frame didn't generate a
working image map for the embedded links, even though I think I followed
the directions correctly.