Sigh. In Defense Of Inheritance

Marc Stiegler
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:34:00 -0700

>Be that as it may, I disagree with your contention that lack of
>inheritance will kill E.  My belief is that if we are prepared to
>respond quickly by re-introducing inheritance, people will conclude
>that it was a worthwhile experiment.

Jonathan, I yearn to agree with you on this strategy. But products only get
one first launch, one chance to get people to lift their eyeballs off their
current effort to make an assessment of whether you have something they
should pay attention to. On markm's behalf, I am terrified of things that
will put people off, things that reduce the enthusiasm just a little, just
enough so that they decide to take a look at E tomorrow rather than
today...because when tomorrow then becomes today, E will still be tomorrow.

>To make this experiment work reasonably, however, we need to offer in
>the early round whatever it is that we think constitutes a better
>answer and make that easy to use.

And if we can do that (make it easy), then I am happy with the outcome
(though I consider it very valuable to find a way to call the alternative,
"the better way of doing inheritance.").